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31 December 2016 @ 03:57 pm

This is my personal journal. Some of my old entries are here, and it was f-lock. However, my newest journal entries were all posted on my community, dump_douchebags

Before anything else, I would like to inform you some things regarding my journal. 

  • I write boy to boy stories. 

  • My writings may include swearing, homosexual intercourse, kissing, and a whole lot more. Read for your own risk.

  • Mostly, my writing fandom focus are; Dong Bang Shin Ki; Super Junior; and U-Kiss. Other groups may vary, due to request.

  • I write a lot YunJae; KyuWook; JaeMin; or anything that include Jaejoong; or Ryeowook.


  • Criticisms are allowed. Curse me whole-heartedly for hell I care, but don't you dare to curse my OTPs.

  • I'm a comment whore. I do not require you to comment every entry, but even once in a while. Yeah. I write for my own pleasure (LOL. That sound orgy  -wiggles eyebrow- ) but commenting means that someone is actually liking my stories. 

  • Plagiarism is STEALING.I don't believe that I'm that good for other people to re post my stories, but I'll take the risk -winks- You can go to jail because of it.

That's it. Now, wanna take a peek? 

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