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unconsciously dreaming of you..

because I refuse to admit that I'm doing it in my own will

Hi! Candice is my name. ^^
I'm from Philippines, currently staying at San Francisco, California.
I'm 18 years old, college student, Communication Research major.

I'm in love with Dong Bang Shin Ki.
Infatuated with Kim Youngwoong Jaejoong.
A die hard YunJae shipper.
Member of 4D people. Lol.

Interest: Hmm...? Reading, Writing, listening to music. You know, the typical teenager interest.

Favorite Groups and Bias:
Dong Bang Shin Ki / Kim Jaejoong
SS501 / Kim Hyung Jun baby
Super Junior / Kim HeeChul
2AM / Lim Seulong
MBLAQ / Bang Cheol Yong [Mir]
Ukiss / Kim Kibum
SHINee / Kim Kibum [Key]
Beast / Jang Hyun Seung
FT Island / Song Seunghyun
2PM / Nichkhun Horvejkul
Big Bang / Kwon Ji Yong
Infinite / Nam Woo Hyun
Teen Top / Lee Chan Hee
CN Blue / Jung Yong Hwa
T-Max / Park Yunhwa
The boss / Park Hyun Cheol [Karam]
Lead / Keita Furuya
AfterSchool / Kim Yoo-Jin (UEE)
Brown eyed Girls / Son Ga-in
Miss A / Lee Min Young (Min)
Girls' Generation / Kim Hyoyeon
f(x) / Liu Amber
T-ara / Ryu Hwayoung
2NE1 / Sandara Park

That's quite alot. Whew.
I hope we can be friends!